Sunday, December 03, 2006

Changes in Animals....

There have been MANY changes in animal status - of the four and the two legged versions -
Splash died on March 13th - just was done one day - no drawn out illness...died in my back seat where he always spent the days for the past year or so....and his papa got a chance to come and say good bye - we buried him out back (shallow grave due to the frozen ground), marked it very appropriately and his picture is in my car so he still comes with me....
Boo - the brain damaged, half-blind kitty had many adventures - became quite adept at navigating the house, was soooooo beautiful and loved us so much - but she tried to get outside all the time (and had no homing instinct) - she was lost for a few days once and God brought her back - let me hear her answering me when I called, and I got to save her through the woods and bogs in back of our house - but she then got out just before Halloween and she never answered my I said my good byes and asked God to take her quickly and painlessly - although she could not have had a better home or have been loved more I know it was a hard life for her - she had one eye left with some vision, and she would often go assover teakettle since she had no depth perception - we miss her everyday - we don't regret spending the time and money helping her to recover as much as she could because I really think she was happy in her own way, but it was her time to be done....BUT we had gotten her a pet named Bandit - and when Boo left, that meant Bandit had no one to play with - sooo of course we had to get her a friend - his name is Harry because he is very hairy and he looks like Boo - black and white with beautiful long hair - his paws are not as huge as Boo's and he will never be as special, but he has found a place in our hearts already. And last but certainly not least, we (just yesterday) bought a sheltie puppy who is named Skipper (he will be a boat yard dog as he wil go to work with papa, so he had to be a boy and he will be an honorary captain so Skipper fit just right) - he is only 2 weeks old so his eyes are barely open - so he will live at his Mom & Dad's for a while longer and then come live with us....we figure he will have fun herding the kittens around the house when he is not busy at the shop...
As for the 2-legged pet - our son came back to live with us - he asked at the beginning of April - and we (being parents there really was not a choice to giving another chance) said yes...he is doing a much better job at being a human these days - I call him the new improved son like laundry detergent - no really, he is nicer, tries harder to get along, is not as sullen and depressed....but occasionally he has had flare-ups of treating his Dad with no respect, carrying a HUGE attitude around and expecting everything to happen just the way he wants....I guess that will take a lot longer to grow out of. He has yet to remember special occasions with any effort (like a card or gift) but does say happy birthday etc. on the right day, which is an improvement.
The menagerie grows, I have to wait before I can have a guest room, and I am ready for the favorite time of year to say hello, to buy cool stuff that remind me of certain people, and to do some reflecting (not too much, though, because I begin to realize how old I am!!!)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...:-)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Soggy then Summer

Suddently Summer, that is....spent most of the last 3 months wading in basement water puddles, in swamps and bogs out back (in search of the kitty who got lost, but God helped me find her after 36 hours in the woods, myself falling into waist-deep mud & water, and leaving behind a shoes in some very deep and sticky muck), plants getting moldy after planting becasue therewas too much water....and then came this past weekend - HOT & HUMID - 90 degrees which is VERY hot for this part o fthe nation...for the 3rd day in a row - finally had to turn on the air conditioner. Just last week I was still using the wood stove to take the dampness and chill out of the air every morning - you just never know in Maine what will some your way the enxt the next minute - they have predicted thundershowers for this afternboon - oh good, more rain...
The days was wonderful for a Father's Day cookout at my parents with most of the siblings there and assorted other characters....nice to spend time int he sun and with a breeze it was very nice in the shade...of course once we got home if was infinitely better - the closer we got to the coast, the nicer the air and the cooler the breeze - what a perfect place to live...I am sooooo blessed!
So for a quick update - the son asked to come back hiome and we said yes (sort of had to being the parents and all....) and so far he really is the new improved son - occasionally considerate, occasionally helpful, not complaining about each and every item of work he is assigned at his Dad's shop, and overall a quite tolerable human - I find myzself waiting for the other shoe to fall or something but so far so good and he has been home since April 4th and no homicidal thoughts have cruised through my head or his Dad's... I know the date that he moved back in, because this is the same date that our daughter married a man she had known for 1 week before she fell in love, another 1/2 weekwhen she got engaged, and another 3 weeks before they got married - only the first week was actually spent together but she was so so sure that this one is VERY different - ah well she was beautiful (pictures, we were not able to go for the wedding, sent flowers and lots of support (what else can you do?) ....Oh here's the real bonus...he has a son from a previous marraige so I became and instant grandmother - not something I was hoping for at my young and tender age (YEAH RIGHT...) After the initial shock wore off, I realized that this gave me a new excuse to shop and a whole new type of item to hunt for - little boy stuff! oh well...alwasy a new adventure around every corner...might as well enjoy it!
Sending lots of summer vacation happy wishes - maybe the DD will come with her family soon?!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Blogging a Chore?

Had some down time - well some not-being taken up by other nonsense time - and thought I should take a look at the land of blogging - then I started to feel like I had to write all the stuff that's happenned since the last blog - about a century ago - What if blogging is another chore and I now have extended my massive list of things that I procrastinate about to include it -
Upon closer examination, I realized that I only write this blog for some steam-of-consciousness venting and for my very bestest and forever friend - and if I give myself permission to blog only when the mood strikes and the energy is there and I KNOW that my ff will not judge my blog frequency - or infrequency - ....then it is NOT a chore, I have no formal obligation to go back to the dark ages and write a next chapter - but just do some musing and a little catch up and call it good....and then I was free to blog again...
so much for the musing, now the catch-up
Boo kitty - still alive - seems to meet each criteria for remaining this side of heaven - is now walking, can move around the whole house and not get stuck - can find her food, is finally using the litter box, and is still the cutest although now handicapped thing in the world...she may have some vision in one eye, not sure yet. Caught her near Splash at meal time the other day - whisked her up and asked her if she was brain damaged or something?!?!?!?
Have officially risen out of the depressive episode that lasted through the holidays through the Boo adventures and through the work re-assignemnt of case lloads (but still have a job) - the clound began to lift a couple of weeks ago and I made the concerted effort with God's help each day to do a little more, have a little more energy, and choose quality use of my time rather than hide-away use of my far so good...
Saw our teenager during the holidays at his work place to give him his gifts and let him know we love him - sent him the package with the rest of his gifts this past week. He has hit a first for the scrapbook - his first OUI - loss of license for 1 & 1/2 years, has to go to drunk school, etc...I don't think he understands that part - since the local court has already dealt with him and he thinks that is the only price he needs to pay for the REALLY STUPID choices...not so....
Hubby has had a horrible cold/sinus/flu thing for 3 days - actually took one day off work (the second time since I have known him) had one day doing family things and came home early today -
We are teaching line dance together at the local school, free, no pressure, most of the old dances, although one new one and everyone is having a good time, they wanted to haev some classes and some exercise and I DEFINITELY could use it - Monday nights 7-8 PM, come along!!!
Well, am going to sign off...take a look at the DD's blog and then go make dinner....from the mild-wintered (so far) Mid-Coast of Maine....God Bless

Friday, November 25, 2005

This was a game thing - I got tagged and the task was to find the 5th sentence of the 23rd blog since you began blogging and publishing it - since I don't have 23 blogs to look through, I had to choose the last one I wrote and take the 5th sentence of that blog - turns out that I have REALLY long sentences they are usually run on and meander through the world of thoughts - so this was the 5th sentence and also the 5th paragraph - it was a Thanksgiving blog I wrote yesterday....

Thankful for the knowing in my heart that I am loved and cared for by my heavenly Father in more wonderous and mysterious ways than I can ever imagine - and thankful for the welling up of tears when I think of all these blessings and manymore that make my cup runneth over -

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


This is the first blog post in a long time, things have been hectic and I have simply not made the time to sit and muse from Maine...but this morning before I start with the holiday festivities I decided to make a few notes....
I am grateful for so many things - in my little corner of the world and in the larger picture of our country and the world...too many to list all but God knows each one - my frineds, my family, my health (outside of the aches and pains of getting older), my job, my home, having my step-daughter home for the holiday and oh so much more....our president, our troops, our veterans, the goodness of the American hearts guided by God, the bounty and plenty that God has showered so graciously on all of us.
The snow that is coming down outside - the first snow of the season that will stick to the ground, it is usually the only one that I am thanful for because it reminds me of the beauty that comes with the otherwise harsh Winter...the joy and relatively cheap entertainment of having a new kitten in our house - may get a chance to post about Boo another time but I am very grateful for her....Thankful that the chicadees and the nuthatches have found my bird feeder that is just outside the window where I compute - (shaped like an iris it reminds me of the spring and early summer which is the hope after the long winter) -
Thankful for the knowing in my heart that I am loved and cared for by my heavenly Father in more wonderous and mysterious ways than I can ever imagine - and thankful for the welling up of tears when I think of all these blessings and manymore that make my cup runneth over -
I send out to all wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season....

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall is in the air

It has been quite a while since I visited blog land - here are a few things that have happened since then

- Continue to fuss about my throat - a set back last week but overall doing well, still no scratchy food though....oh well - and it turns out that I am still haivng sleep issues after all this - although my snoring is now gone - there is one more option for holding my throat open at night - am in the midst of the re-diagnosis part - setting up the referrals for another sleep study - oh well...

- Started the school year - have a department 'retreat' on Wednesday to look at caseloads - will make the best of it - as long as I still have a caseload I am happy - but one never knows - especially since there are only 3 of us consultants in the 'department' - we'll see...

- Had visitors from NY - family of 5 - 3 boys under the age of 13 YIKES - we managed to squeeze all of us into the house, and my hubby cleverly had a LOT of early morning and late evening work that kept him out of the house before the kids got up and until after they had gone to really was fun and we would have them back in a minute but it was also nice when the house was quiet again! This means, by the way, that we can now easily accomodate the Dizzy Disciple and the whole family when they take their next Maine vacation!

- And Fall is in the air - crisp at night, nice during the day but so much shorter daylight hours...and the wet days that chill you to the bone, a quick fire in the wood stove to hold off the chill before you break done and start to use the furnace regularly....and of course the leaves are turning - saw my first completely turned tree at the end of August, they are popping up everywhere now - and oh yes, the acorns are falling - hitting you, the house, the car, and what a mess to rake! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Getting Better - HOORAY!!!

I am happy to report that I can actually swallow without pain! I have still a swollen throat and am too afraid to try anything but baby food, mashed potatoes and overcooked macaroni - but I am definitely on the mend...My husband reports that I am actually QUIET at night although still sleeping in a partially sitting up position - so that is a huge improvemnt and the surgery was at least partially successful - I am not sure about the feeling rested part yet - because I am still recovering I think, but am any event, I have a voice and can still sing (tried at church with the hymns this past Sunday) again great news!
Thanks for your support and prayers....they made a real difference!