Monday, April 18, 2005

Happy Patriot's Day

Happy Patriot's Day - We have to have a holiday for running the Boston marathon so why not Patriot's Day and call it good...actually a Mass holiday but Maine piggy-backs and I do enjoy the day off - have a meeting with my officers of the college alum club but otherwise going to have a very lazy day...It is also school vacation week here (New Hamshire is next week...strange but true) so my schedule is very flexible - just a HUGE mountain of paperwork and filing that needs catching up - but will not even think about tackling that until tomorrow (I am a professional procrastinator). Have a great Patriot's Day no matter how you spend it!

Friday, April 15, 2005

From the Harbor

The news from the harbor (a 5 minute walk) has been mixed this year - the 'trapped' shrimp were very nice sized and clean, came in quite well during season (limited to a few weeks in February), but the scallops were not very plentiful at all (the season for them is shorter) and were quickly snapped up - I am sure this will be reflected in the price on this summer's menus...
The lobstermen are finishing the maintenance on their boats and will be beginning their season in a few days - they are allowed to fish all year, but most take the winter off - although if the new trap lkimits are passed they will have to fish all year for the same income that they could have in 9 months...I hope that they keep the current trap limit. The crying and fussing about conservation issues regarding the lobsters is a bunch of bologna, the old fishermen always put back the 'shorts' and fish a variety of spots to make sure there are plenty of lobsters for future generations - they ostracize those who are greedy and do not follow the unwritten rueles of the trade. How amazing that they didn't need a law or government to tell them how to conserve their livelihood....just some common sense.
I have a romantic notion of what it is like to go lobstering - I have never gone even though I have lived most of my life on the coast - I know it is really hard work and often they are just 'changing bait' or 'changing water' - empty traps that you haul up re-bait and put back down - but it still seems like it would be a glorious job, especially on a clear day early in the morning...perhaps I'll hitch a ride someday but for now I'm content with my spot on the sidelines...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I Hate Hives

Oh yes, hives - the mysterious bumpy, itchy things that turn your skin into your enemy! I have had them now for a month - various medicines and lotions have not gotten rid of them and I am really tired of scratching. I can verify that oatmeal baths and baking soda salves are indeed effective but only during the treatment - no lasting effect - and what a messy tub - The docs say it is a serious allergic reaction but of course can't figure out what the allergy is - so it is VERY difficult for me to avoid the culprit...I hate the itching, I hate the bumps, I hate that no clothing feels comfotable and I really hate that we can't make them go away....But since I never miss a chance to fuss - I am milking it for lots of sympathy! Any and all suggestions will be entertained....

Spring is Here?

From the coast of Maine....still have snow - our last storm was Tuesday (yes, snow in April) - and the snow banks were so high this year, that they are still melting - some of it melts right into my basement...BUT the birds are back, they are singing and I heard a woodpecker chipping away at some tree trunk this morning - so Spring really is here - disguised as late winter...Oh, and most important, when I brushed away the snow and the leaves, there were two lonely crocus patches that managed to bloom - HOORAY!!!