Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bittersweet - Update on Tess

Well, my need for happy endings was not comletely shut out - but true to the style of the day (and to real life often...) there was a bittersweet ending....a remarkable story, well acted and the cinematography (sp?) added to the story immensely - reminded me of Gone With the Wind....

Spring has come.....finally

The trees...the buds,...the forsythia!!!
When we have the rare day without rain, the evidence of spring is all around - and the birds are very bsy catching up with their work...I love waking up to the chirping and to the woodpecker...BUT when the chipmucks start I will be much less pleased - their noise is like an ancient torture especially at the crack of dawn on a weekend when I don't have to be up for hours...
Although it is overcast again today, yesterday was such a wondrous one that I have new hope and new grand!

Why They are Called Classics

I have been up early, sending the men out to forage and hunt, then drinking coffee and flipping through channels - I landed on the A & E classroom - Tess of the D'urbervilles - a few days ago - Having read every thounsand page classic in college literature classes but not really taken the time to enjoyed them as a story (and having completely forgotten the plot of this one - perhaps I used Monarch notes for that essay?!?!) - I have found a new appreciation...this began quite a few years ago when I decided to re-read all the classics now that I did not have to - I began with Hawthorne and found a richness that astounded me. I moved on to James Conrad, again finding depth and truths in my interpretation of the stories...I stumbled when I got to Thoreau - when you had the time to be in the 'zone' he was amazing but I found that I rarely had the time to devote and I fell away from my project, despite the enjoyment I had found -
so here I stumble upon the Tess saga - which has been in installments much as it would have been when first published, I imagine - and find a rekindling of the appreciation and the awe I felt reading the other classics - the acting is superb and the story of course riveting on many levels - I find myself thinking throughout the day about the insight and keen understanding of how life's trials and adventures shape our thoughts...about the daily clash of lofty ideals and cold facts, good and evil, and about the hurtful way people can treat each other, often without meaning to....No wonder they are called classics!!!
Speaking of which it is now 7 - time for the next installment - the worst thing is that I can't remember if there is a happy ending - I am assuming not, but am hopeful...

Goodbye to Hives?

The hives that plagued me for 2 solid months have subsided - just in time for my dermatology appointment - I built my hopes up for her revealing all the skin answers and had pictures of the horrible itchy things - but since they had subsided, she had no insight for me - she could not actually see them and touch them - so much for the wonders of digital photography - and had no better guess than I and my nurse had come up with - so we wait for the last remnants to leave and slowly reintroduce medicines and supplements that may have been the here is the pickle - do I want to find out by having a new bout of hives, or would I rather just have no further hive adventure and remain completely unaware of what caused them? hmmmm