Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh my swallowed a fly?

I think I will start a support group for people who have had corrective surgery for obstructive sleep apnea - it is an experience that you can only understand if you have lived/are living through it (sort of like planning a wedding) - and given how much it truly tries the spirit any extra support would be welcome...This is from the voice of 2 weeks post-surgery Magou - have survived the awful first week....the all night agony waiting for the next time it is OK to take medicine - dreading any extended sleep (like 4 hours) because when you do your throat dries and it is very painful and bloody to get it working again...and the second week of continued raw throat unabel to swallow saliva without discomfort but moving up the food chain from just water
I have graduated to baby food and mashed potatoes from the box - some brands are quite tasty! And I like the Hawaiian Delight from gerber - yogurt is also gong down now...a HUGE improvement!
My husband was very disappointed - they promised that I would not be able to talk for a week HA as if...I was talking the day he brought me home from the hospital - it's not the talking that hurts - it's the swallowing, breathing, swallowing, breathing...oh well..they say I will be a new woman when this is all over - I will actually receive restorative sleep (since I will no longer be 'closing off' my airway during the night - they have removed everything that did the closing....) which will improve my overall health, my energy level, and all-importantly prevent me from falling asleep at the wheel which is what started this whole mess....
If anyone is contemplating this surgery, ask them to conatact me and I will give the real scoop as well as some helpful hints for making the grade during to a bowl of sherbert!!!


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Laurel said...

Oh honey!!!

OUCH!!!!! I think you need a good frozen strawberry daiquiri myself!!
Seriously, I'd call you right up, but I KNOW that you'd talk way too long and then it really MIGHT hurt more!! Love you lots!!! Get better!


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