Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall is in the air

It has been quite a while since I visited blog land - here are a few things that have happened since then

- Continue to fuss about my throat - a set back last week but overall doing well, still no scratchy food though....oh well - and it turns out that I am still haivng sleep issues after all this - although my snoring is now gone - there is one more option for holding my throat open at night - am in the midst of the re-diagnosis part - setting up the referrals for another sleep study - oh well...

- Started the school year - have a department 'retreat' on Wednesday to look at caseloads - will make the best of it - as long as I still have a caseload I am happy - but one never knows - especially since there are only 3 of us consultants in the 'department' - we'll see...

- Had visitors from NY - family of 5 - 3 boys under the age of 13 YIKES - we managed to squeeze all of us into the house, and my hubby cleverly had a LOT of early morning and late evening work that kept him out of the house before the kids got up and until after they had gone to really was fun and we would have them back in a minute but it was also nice when the house was quiet again! This means, by the way, that we can now easily accomodate the Dizzy Disciple and the whole family when they take their next Maine vacation!

- And Fall is in the air - crisp at night, nice during the day but so much shorter daylight hours...and the wet days that chill you to the bone, a quick fire in the wood stove to hold off the chill before you break done and start to use the furnace regularly....and of course the leaves are turning - saw my first completely turned tree at the end of August, they are popping up everywhere now - and oh yes, the acorns are falling - hitting you, the house, the car, and what a mess to rake! Wouldn't trade it for the world!