Thursday, November 24, 2005


This is the first blog post in a long time, things have been hectic and I have simply not made the time to sit and muse from Maine...but this morning before I start with the holiday festivities I decided to make a few notes....
I am grateful for so many things - in my little corner of the world and in the larger picture of our country and the world...too many to list all but God knows each one - my frineds, my family, my health (outside of the aches and pains of getting older), my job, my home, having my step-daughter home for the holiday and oh so much more....our president, our troops, our veterans, the goodness of the American hearts guided by God, the bounty and plenty that God has showered so graciously on all of us.
The snow that is coming down outside - the first snow of the season that will stick to the ground, it is usually the only one that I am thanful for because it reminds me of the beauty that comes with the otherwise harsh Winter...the joy and relatively cheap entertainment of having a new kitten in our house - may get a chance to post about Boo another time but I am very grateful for her....Thankful that the chicadees and the nuthatches have found my bird feeder that is just outside the window where I compute - (shaped like an iris it reminds me of the spring and early summer which is the hope after the long winter) -
Thankful for the knowing in my heart that I am loved and cared for by my heavenly Father in more wonderous and mysterious ways than I can ever imagine - and thankful for the welling up of tears when I think of all these blessings and manymore that make my cup runneth over -
I send out to all wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season....


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