Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Blogging a Chore?

Had some down time - well some not-being taken up by other nonsense time - and thought I should take a look at the land of blogging - then I started to feel like I had to write all the stuff that's happenned since the last blog - about a century ago - What if blogging is another chore and I now have extended my massive list of things that I procrastinate about to include it -
Upon closer examination, I realized that I only write this blog for some steam-of-consciousness venting and for my very bestest and forever friend - and if I give myself permission to blog only when the mood strikes and the energy is there and I KNOW that my ff will not judge my blog frequency - or infrequency - ....then it is NOT a chore, I have no formal obligation to go back to the dark ages and write a next chapter - but just do some musing and a little catch up and call it good....and then I was free to blog again...
so much for the musing, now the catch-up
Boo kitty - still alive - seems to meet each criteria for remaining this side of heaven - is now walking, can move around the whole house and not get stuck - can find her food, is finally using the litter box, and is still the cutest although now handicapped thing in the world...she may have some vision in one eye, not sure yet. Caught her near Splash at meal time the other day - whisked her up and asked her if she was brain damaged or something?!?!?!?
Have officially risen out of the depressive episode that lasted through the holidays through the Boo adventures and through the work re-assignemnt of case lloads (but still have a job) - the clound began to lift a couple of weeks ago and I made the concerted effort with God's help each day to do a little more, have a little more energy, and choose quality use of my time rather than hide-away use of my far so good...
Saw our teenager during the holidays at his work place to give him his gifts and let him know we love him - sent him the package with the rest of his gifts this past week. He has hit a first for the scrapbook - his first OUI - loss of license for 1 & 1/2 years, has to go to drunk school, etc...I don't think he understands that part - since the local court has already dealt with him and he thinks that is the only price he needs to pay for the REALLY STUPID choices...not so....
Hubby has had a horrible cold/sinus/flu thing for 3 days - actually took one day off work (the second time since I have known him) had one day doing family things and came home early today -
We are teaching line dance together at the local school, free, no pressure, most of the old dances, although one new one and everyone is having a good time, they wanted to haev some classes and some exercise and I DEFINITELY could use it - Monday nights 7-8 PM, come along!!!
Well, am going to sign off...take a look at the DD's blog and then go make dinner....from the mild-wintered (so far) Mid-Coast of Maine....God Bless


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