Monday, June 19, 2006

Soggy then Summer

Suddently Summer, that is....spent most of the last 3 months wading in basement water puddles, in swamps and bogs out back (in search of the kitty who got lost, but God helped me find her after 36 hours in the woods, myself falling into waist-deep mud & water, and leaving behind a shoes in some very deep and sticky muck), plants getting moldy after planting becasue therewas too much water....and then came this past weekend - HOT & HUMID - 90 degrees which is VERY hot for this part o fthe nation...for the 3rd day in a row - finally had to turn on the air conditioner. Just last week I was still using the wood stove to take the dampness and chill out of the air every morning - you just never know in Maine what will some your way the enxt the next minute - they have predicted thundershowers for this afternboon - oh good, more rain...
The days was wonderful for a Father's Day cookout at my parents with most of the siblings there and assorted other characters....nice to spend time int he sun and with a breeze it was very nice in the shade...of course once we got home if was infinitely better - the closer we got to the coast, the nicer the air and the cooler the breeze - what a perfect place to live...I am sooooo blessed!
So for a quick update - the son asked to come back hiome and we said yes (sort of had to being the parents and all....) and so far he really is the new improved son - occasionally considerate, occasionally helpful, not complaining about each and every item of work he is assigned at his Dad's shop, and overall a quite tolerable human - I find myzself waiting for the other shoe to fall or something but so far so good and he has been home since April 4th and no homicidal thoughts have cruised through my head or his Dad's... I know the date that he moved back in, because this is the same date that our daughter married a man she had known for 1 week before she fell in love, another 1/2 weekwhen she got engaged, and another 3 weeks before they got married - only the first week was actually spent together but she was so so sure that this one is VERY different - ah well she was beautiful (pictures, we were not able to go for the wedding, sent flowers and lots of support (what else can you do?) ....Oh here's the real bonus...he has a son from a previous marraige so I became and instant grandmother - not something I was hoping for at my young and tender age (YEAH RIGHT...) After the initial shock wore off, I realized that this gave me a new excuse to shop and a whole new type of item to hunt for - little boy stuff! oh well...alwasy a new adventure around every corner...might as well enjoy it!
Sending lots of summer vacation happy wishes - maybe the DD will come with her family soon?!