Sunday, December 03, 2006

Changes in Animals....

There have been MANY changes in animal status - of the four and the two legged versions -
Splash died on March 13th - just was done one day - no drawn out illness...died in my back seat where he always spent the days for the past year or so....and his papa got a chance to come and say good bye - we buried him out back (shallow grave due to the frozen ground), marked it very appropriately and his picture is in my car so he still comes with me....
Boo - the brain damaged, half-blind kitty had many adventures - became quite adept at navigating the house, was soooooo beautiful and loved us so much - but she tried to get outside all the time (and had no homing instinct) - she was lost for a few days once and God brought her back - let me hear her answering me when I called, and I got to save her through the woods and bogs in back of our house - but she then got out just before Halloween and she never answered my I said my good byes and asked God to take her quickly and painlessly - although she could not have had a better home or have been loved more I know it was a hard life for her - she had one eye left with some vision, and she would often go assover teakettle since she had no depth perception - we miss her everyday - we don't regret spending the time and money helping her to recover as much as she could because I really think she was happy in her own way, but it was her time to be done....BUT we had gotten her a pet named Bandit - and when Boo left, that meant Bandit had no one to play with - sooo of course we had to get her a friend - his name is Harry because he is very hairy and he looks like Boo - black and white with beautiful long hair - his paws are not as huge as Boo's and he will never be as special, but he has found a place in our hearts already. And last but certainly not least, we (just yesterday) bought a sheltie puppy who is named Skipper (he will be a boat yard dog as he wil go to work with papa, so he had to be a boy and he will be an honorary captain so Skipper fit just right) - he is only 2 weeks old so his eyes are barely open - so he will live at his Mom & Dad's for a while longer and then come live with us....we figure he will have fun herding the kittens around the house when he is not busy at the shop...
As for the 2-legged pet - our son came back to live with us - he asked at the beginning of April - and we (being parents there really was not a choice to giving another chance) said yes...he is doing a much better job at being a human these days - I call him the new improved son like laundry detergent - no really, he is nicer, tries harder to get along, is not as sullen and depressed....but occasionally he has had flare-ups of treating his Dad with no respect, carrying a HUGE attitude around and expecting everything to happen just the way he wants....I guess that will take a lot longer to grow out of. He has yet to remember special occasions with any effort (like a card or gift) but does say happy birthday etc. on the right day, which is an improvement.
The menagerie grows, I have to wait before I can have a guest room, and I am ready for the favorite time of year to say hello, to buy cool stuff that remind me of certain people, and to do some reflecting (not too much, though, because I begin to realize how old I am!!!)
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...:-)


At 11:44 AM, Blogger Laurel said...

Maybe you should have that boat builder husband of yours start building an ark!

Love you, my dear!


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